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Project Fairness was launched to figure out how young people define fairness in modern society. The videos portray Socratic examinations of general questions of fairness based on participants' ideas and lived experiences. Below are some of the questions participants were asked:


  1.  What’s your definition of fairness?
  2.  What are some of your personal goals in life? What do you want to do and why?
  3.  Is society fundamentally fair or unfair?
  4.  Is it fair for people at different positions in society to make different amounts of money?
  5.  If someone doesn’t make very much, is it fair to help them out?
  6.  What is the extent of your responsibility to other people?
  7.  Is competition good or harmful?
  8.  Should societal rewards, like good or income, be distributed based on merit or need?
  9.  How does society come by the value it places on certain jobs? Is it rational or random?
  10.  Why do people get rich?
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      1) Do you think America has a fair society?

      2) Whose role is it to make it more fair?
      Other peopleGovernmentPrivate Institutions

      3) Are you responsible to help other people who need it?
      YesNo, it is their responsibility to help themselves

      4) Is socialism

      5) By and large, do rich people deserve their wealth?